Mental Wellbeing

Welcome to the CRGS Mental Wellbeing page.

There are a number of resources at CRGS that are available for all students to use.

The Active Listening Skills Programme, run each year by the school counsellor Mel Skeet, is designed to provide sixth form students with the skills needed to be a good listener, so that if another student feels unable to discuss a problem with parents or a teacher, they can approach one of these trained listeners who are much more likely to have been through something similar. Listed below are the Year 12 and 13 students who have completed the Active Listening Skills Programme, and can be emailed if a student would like to discuss any issues with them, or approached in person. When contacting one of these students, make sure to title your email with "Active Listening Support".

The Active Listening team are there to help you with a large variety of issues, from difficulties in everyday life caused by things such as friendship issues and exam stress, to helping you access help from the staff Safeguarding team (Mr Adams, Mrs Chandler, Mr Ratcliffe and Miss Byrne) for more complex or serious difficulties you may be experiencing. The topics discussed with the Active Listeners will not be shared with any students or staff other than those listed above as members of the Safeguarding team, for safeguarding reasons.